Marketing Houses

Marketing for Deals

Finding Deals
Getting Started
What Makes A Good Investment?
It’s A Numbers Game

Business Cards
What Should Your Card Say?
What To Do With Your Card

Other Investors
There Is Money In It For Everyone
Locating Other Investors


Identify All Your Local Papers
Newspapers Online
Become A Subscriber
When, Where, & What To Look For
Placing “I Buy Houses” Ads
Ad Suggestions

Once At A Property
Tracking Down The Owner
Hard To Find Owners
You’ve Found The Owner, Now What?

Condemned Properties
Why Does A Property Get Condemned?
Getting A List Of Condemned Properties
Contacting The Owner

Tax Sales
What Is A Tax Sale?
Buying Tax Certificates
Pre- Tax Sale Deals
The”Tax Sale Auction

Auction Notices
Getting On Mailing Lists
Going To An Auction

What Is Probate?
Searching The Probate Legal Notices
Looking At The Probate Records
Contacting The Estate
Buying Property From The Estate

Eviction Listings
Why Eviction Listings?
Legal Newspapers
Checking The Courthouse

Civil Process Servers
Making Contact

Buying Properties While Tenants Are Being Evicted

Using The Internet
The Website
Real Estate Agent Websites
Investor Websites
Local Resources Online

Bandit Signs
What Is A Bandit Sign?
Should You Use Bandit Signs?

Car Signs
Is A Car Sign For You?
What Should A Car Sign Say?

Bird Dogs
What Is A Bird Dog?
Hiring A Bird Dog
How Much Should You Pay A Bird Dog?

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